Hello, Potential Agent!

What's your name?

Where are you based?

What's your e-mail?


OK, now -- the 3-4 crewmembers who will be performing will probably be looking for a bed/couch/floor to sleep on for the night if they don't know anyone else in town. (They'll take care of their food and other things, although any guidence from you will be appreciated.) Will you be able to arrange this?
Strangers? On my floor?! My god, no!

The local act will be your choice. Bands are good for mixing up the genres, but anyone with an interesting and compelling 10-15 minute act -- ie., not a drone-a-thon reading -- would be perfectly suitable. Ideally it'd also be someone that'll also bring a few extra people out to the show. Can you think of a couple of people you'd like to invite to be the local act?

We will provide you with handbills and poster art, and you will spread them around to the people and places you think appropriate. Promo will also be being done in advance by the Crewmembers, who will be emailing contacts and mailing out press packs. Howzat sound?
Sounds good.
Sounds like hell on earth.

We're asking Agents to commit to a minimum of three consecutive months. (If it happens that you won't be in town for the date that the Roadshow's coming through, appointing a reliable Substitute Agent is fine.) All righty?
Count me in for three months!
Three months is a gigantic temporal space beyond my comprehension.

Elaborations? Comments? Suggestions? Where'd you hear about the project?