Infest Wisely

There’s a new, chewable nanotechnology that lets you take photos with your eyes, cures cancer and eliminates body odour. But the early adopters are realizing they got extra “features” they didn’t count on. And no one told them once they spread through the bloodstream, it’s harder to uninstall than your average computer virus.

INFEST WISELY is a lo-fi sci-fi no-budget feature in seven episodes, each with a different director and intertwining characters. Click for a closeup of the front and back covers

Includes a commentary track from all seven directors who reveal do-it-yourself tips and tricks on how they shot the movie for $700.

Acclaim for Infest Wisely

“Infest Wisely is a great lo-fi sci-fi nanopunk flick”

“The film is chock full of interesting ideas and images.” -The Toronto Star

“If only there were more people like Jim Munroe making movies like Infest Wisely.” -The Globe and Mail

“The production values are inevitably scrappy but Infest Wisely gets by on the cheeky vitality of its ideas.” -eye weekly

“killer” -Cory Doctorow,

“One millionth the budget of Spiderman 3. One thousand times the smarts.” -Peter Watts, Hugo-award nominee

Check out the official site here, with tons of goodies.

Jun 052007

Don’t eat it, Christina Jol!It’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? Nanotech is going to be able to do all that and more according to the latest ep of Infest Wisely, the lo-fi sci-fi movie I wrote. Early Adopter, directed by my co-producer Craig Macnaughton, follows the story of the voice actress after she ingests a beta version of the new technology. Is it just the stress of her disintegrating relationship or is the EyeSee application a little… buggy?

For the screening I’d offered “nanite-enhanced treats” for attendees, planning something like popcorn with suspicious looking powder, but Susan immediately suggested gum instead — Christina installs EyeSee with a stick of chewing gum. At the time of the shooting we didn’t have any packaging for it but Craig whipped some up and then I hand-rolled 250 of them a few hours before the screening. When people got them at the door they were advised to wait until after the movie to eat them. Click through to see the hilarious package. Continue reading »

May 292007

Lil’ Red illustrated by Craig MacnaughtonThe second episode of Infest Wisely went up today — Orientated features the infamous bathroom hijacking scene as well as a sales presentation introducing the “little biological helpers” destined to change the world from the inside out. The nanites were too darn cute NOT to put on 1″ buttons, so we made four designs to give to the attendees of the advance screening: click the Lil’ Red button to see Nursey, Muscles, & Officer Friendly.

Kirby Ferguson directed this one and Craig Macnaughton did all the SFX. Having to design a futuristic PowerPoint presentation wasn’t exactly a stretch for him — he’s done it for years at his day job. And I know it’s just a function of the way the animation works, but the way the nanites move exactly in tandem freaks me out in just the right way.

May 222007

Click for picturesIn a nutshell: one of the best nights ever. The advance screening for Infest Wisely on Friday drew about 250 people, people who laughed at the right spots and didn’t laugh at the rough spots. Quite unique for me — at my book launches people buy the book, go away and read it, and then I find out how they enjoyed it months later. With this, at the end of the event a roomful of people had seen the whole thing from beginning to end.

Today, we’re releasing the first of the seven Infest Wisely episodes, Obsolete — we’ll be posting one a week until all seven are online. This ep was directed by Jon Sasaki, who years ago helped articulate the work-with-what-ya-got approach of the Novel Amusements project. It was an approach that served us well on the set of Obsolete — when the batteries for the shotgun mic died we used a MP3 player and a lapel mic to get secondary sound.

Click through for some pictures of the screening and the q&a afterwards. Continue reading »

May 042007

INFEST WISELY’s seven directors, shot by Rannie TuringanThe advance preview screening of my first feature is happening two weeks today! INFEST WISELY is about a new, chewable nanotechnology that lets people take pictures with their eyes and cures cancer. But the early adopters find out it’s hard to uninstall something after it’s spread through their bloodstream…

I wrote it as seven 12 minute episodes directed by seven different directors (pictured here) to stand on their own, but with an ongoing narrative and interconnecting characters that allow it to combine to form a feature length movie. Check out our brand new site and watch the trailer, and if you’re in Toronto check out the advance preview screening (AKA the Infestor’s Meeting) on Friday May 18th. If you’re not in town, we’ll be releasing it as Creative Commons licenced weekly episodes soon after, so stay tuned!

Mar 202007

iw-poster-thumb.jpgOur lo-fi sci-fi movie Infest Wisely is in the last stages of post-production and we’re looking at May for the special advance screening here in Toronto, or as I’m calling it, the Infestor’s Meeting. Now we’re gearing up to get it out in the world, and what’s a movie without a wicked movie poster? And as you can see, there’s a spot at the bottom for sponsors — while we made the movie for free, I’d like to have a budget for a DVD pressing and festival fees. I’ve got one on board and am meeting with another on Thursday, but there’s still some room left — drop me a line and I can get you more details. Continue reading »

Dec 062006

screenshot-thumb.jpgWe wrapped the shoot over a week ago and I’m still reeling with how much fun it was. I’ve been dipping my toe in with making little vids over the past five years, but this gave me the full immersive movie experience. I found it really interesting work that I’m pretty well suited to — it engages my social, logistical and creative nodes and was actually less stressful than I expected.

Mostly I was coordinating, but I was on set as an extra pair of hands on about 75% of the shoots. We shot it over six weeks (pretty great considering our seven directors’ busy schedules) and we should have it edited in the next few months. (UPDATE: Check it out here!)