Feb 022010

I made a text adventure videogame for the jayisgames interactive fiction competition that you can play now. Because they’re on my mind — Tate’s making steady progress on the rough edit for our new lo-fi sci-fi feature — it features two characters from the upcoming Ghosts With Shit Jobs movie, the Karrento Brothers.

So if you’re up for a bit of transmedia fun, you can play the game before the movie’s released. Check out the cover art, a description of the game, and some info about the competition after the jump.

You and your brother’s job — scouring the city’s highest spots for a rare building material in the year 2040 — is already hard enough. Now Anton’s gone and gotten you trapped on a rooftop. Your acrobat bloodline will help you with the deadly heights, and your brain will figure out the genmodded plants — but will you be able to cope with having the most annoying big brother alive?

Play it now.

The jayisgames Casual Game Design Competition #7 gave people two months to make a text game with an “escape-the-room” theme. It’s got a cash prize of $1000, pretty high for a IF comp, and an engaged audience of game players. I’m looking forward to checking out the other 30 or so entries! UPDATE: My game placed fifth. I think my favorite game this comp was Ka — it starts off pretty sparse, but by the time it gets to the sphere puzzle you’re entered a rich and weird world.

  2 Responses to “Roofed, a Preemptive Spin-off Game”

  1. Hi there,

    I saw your IF game over at jayisgames.com and had to stop by to say how brilliant it was. Despite the short length, I thought Anton and Toph were great characters. I was disappointed the game ended so quickly because I wanted to learn more about the Karrento brothers and the future they inhabited.

    Then I came to your site and noticed the characters were from an actual movie! GwSJ sounds awesome! Main-stream film is so obsessed with remakes (did we really need another Karate Kid?) and 3-D effects that it will be refreshing to watch something completely original. Can’t wait to see this film when it is distributed!

  2. Looking forward to that movie coming out! And I enjoyed the game as well. I am very intrigued by that world you made along with all the breathing, living characters you interwove into it.

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