Apr 022013

Today is the launch of KTR 451, a game I developed for the Toronto Public Library. Drawing on the themes and characters in Fahrenheit 451 (the TPL’s One Book this year), it’s a simple alternate reality game — part scavenger hunt, part audio drama — and people in Toronto can play it by calling the phone number above. There’s three missions, one per week, until a live event on April 22nd.

Naturally, this was a huge thrill for me on a number of levels.

Firstly, Ray Bradbury’s lyrical science fiction is one of the main reasons I write sci-fi myself. My alias when I logged into BBSes in the 1980s was “Montag”, the main character in 451.

Secondly, I got to develop a game that (while very modest in scope) I hope will introduce a broader public to the curiously geeky pleasures of alternate reality games.

Thirdly, it was amazing to get to work with the library — it’s one of the few public institutions I love unabashedly, both for what it represents ideologically and to what it’s contributed to my personal growth and development. And it hasn’t disappointed in the least — Tina and Ab have been wonderful collaborators, with thoughtful and enthusiastic input. I did a little interview for the library blog if you’d like to read more.

  6 Responses to “Take Your Seashells Out of Your Ears!”

  1. Do you know if It will be in Vancouver too?

  2. Wondering, as a teacher, whether this is something that could be done with a class?

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