Aug 172006

T-Rex looking totally awesome.Ryan North does a daily webcomic which features the same six panels with three talkative dinosaurs and a tiny woman about to be crushed. 70,000 people a day check out Dinosaur Comics, for good reason — it’s hilarious and inventive and occasionally thought-provoking, which is a lot to wring out of T-Rex clipart and MS Paint.

I was on a panel with him at Ad Astra and discovered he lived in Toronto, too, and so we got together last month to chat about being an adult who still wears pajamas, funding free comics with t-shirt sales, the positive sum game of webcomic linking, his programming side-projects, and his beautifully designed new book Your Whole Family is Made Out of Meat.

No Flash? Get the MP3 here.

  6 Responses to “Internet Delighted, Mauled”

  1. that is a hilarious comic. good call 🙂

  2. i love this comic! go t-rex!

  3. I don’t smell funny on tuesdays!

  4. Who smells funny on a specific day of the week?

  5. I used to love raccoons, the whole ‘Rascal’ thing, now I know better. Also, Ryan North sounds pretty tall in this interview! Weird, huh?

  6. I own one of those shirts! I HELPED MAKE RYAN NORTH’S LIVING
    I also visited NYC and made friends with a girl wearing a Qwantz shirt, who knew!

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