Aug 162004

M@B has turned himself and his other characters into buttons.I love the 1″ button. Really, for the tiny amount of space it takes up it’s such a cheap and efficient communicator. It struck home when I was at the post office and I noticed someone with the Matt B button pictured here, and had a little chat about his cartoons and such. It seemed to me a nice thing to wear your heart on your sleeve, or lapel, and allow for these social interactions to happen.

For years I’ve dressed in a non-descript fashion, to a certain extent due to my dislike of marketing. But I’ve let myself be backed into a corner–while I might not be shilling for a brand with my t-shirt, I’m also closing myself off from like-minded people I randomly encounter.

So I started wearing some buttons that people had given me or I’d bought but never worn. I also got a bunch of No Media Kings buttons made, as you may have been able to guess by the site redesign. If you’d like to get one, just let me know your addy–if you’d be OK with me filling the rest of the envelope with promo postcards for you to pass around your area, I’m happy to pop for postage. (UPDATE: Sorry, all out of buttons… sign up for the mailing list if you’d like to hear when I’ve got s’more…)

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