bookstores sales (minus retail discount[1], distribution and sales representation) $12,661.00
web sales[2] (minus postage, processing) $695.00
in person/tour sales $4,000.00
wholesale direct to stores/libraries (minus discount) $1,150.00
mailorder sales (minus postage) $555.00
US publishing rights advance $5,048.00
total revenue[3] $24,109.00
salary [4] $10,000.00
printing $6,814.00
cover illustration $750.00
editing [5] $310.00
media mailout & phonecalls $600.00
tour travel $758.00
launch expenses [6] $600.00
ads $105.00
screen saver promo [7] $200.00
launch invite $280.00
URL registration $150.00
total costs $20,567.00
[1] The average discount for retailers was 43.7%, since the initial expectation of 40% did not take into account the deep discounts required for doing business with the big box stores.
[2] Despite all the e-commerce hype and a particularly internet intensive promotional campaign, web sales amounted to 2.97% of the total.
[3] Of the original print run of 2562, 60 are left. 2047 have been sold: 1719 through retail, 50 via the web, 200 in person/tour sales, 203 wholesale, and 38 via mailorder. The rest were given away for promotional or other reasons.
[4] The salary went to pay the sole proprietor of No Media Kings for six months of writing Angry Young Spaceman and six months of publishing it.
[5] Although the majority of the editing was done by volunteers, a copy editor was hired in the final stage on a per error basis.
[6] While $2693 (25% of the total expenses) was allocated for promotion (it included a fairly elaborate tour) at least $1000 was recouped through launch sales. The launches also gave media a local angle.
[7] The screensaver, perhaps the least tangible of the promotional tools, was downloaded by 872 people. Similarly hard to quantify is the affect of the free e-book version of the novel, which over 5000 people downloaded: it got a considerable amount of media attention but may have cut into sales.