Mar 062010

Issues (or chapters, I guess) #4 and #5 are up on the Sword of My Mouth site for folks who’ve sprung for the $6 digital subscription or the $12 preorder. The final part of the book, #6, will be up a month from now, so subscribers get a sneak peek a month before the book’s debut as a part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Plus commentary!

It was a push to get the book ready in time, and tricky to manage as it’s a IDW / NMK single edition co-publishing dealy, but Shannon still took the time to do these hilariously amazing bio illustrations of the two of us, check ’em out after the jump!

I’d given Shannon a bunch of photos of me on a trip for a possible bio pic illustration, and the one she chose was of me facing off the digital zombies in some airport arcade. I went along with it even though I was a bit concerned it would make me look like an asshole if she drew herself quietly crocheting or something. Happily she drew herself as villainous as me. As usual with Shannon, things turned out awesome! Back to back, awaiting the critical onslaught…

  2 Responses to “Double-Barreled Comic Release”

  1. Just snagged the last copy of Sword of my Mouth trade @ Free Comic Book Day…
    The line was long so i had some time to read a couple of pages
    nice work from both author and artist – and kudos for using Detroit as a backdrop.

  2. Read the new one, got enthused, went back and read the first one again. Forgot how great it was.

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