Jan 172010

I’m super-flattered to have been asked to talk at the world’s most respected games conference.

Session title:
Creating And Nurturing Your Indie Game Community
Tuesday, March 9 (3:30pm — 4:00pm)
In two short, sweet mini-talks, notable independent game community organizers discuss how you can get involved in nurturing the indie community in your local area – or for your particular flavor of independent games. Firstly, SuperHappyDevHouse and TIGJam contributor Jeff Lindsay, who has set up Hacker Dojo in the Bay Area as a permanent base for the tech community, will explain what he’s learned from being involved in indie game site TIGSource and his other projects in the tech community. Next, Toronto-based independent creator Jim Munroe, the person behind local indie game-centric events like The Hand Eye Society and The Artsy Games Incubator, explains how the area has grown a strong indie community and how you can mobilize your area to flood “out of the basement and into the streets!”

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