US TOUR 2002

Jim Munroe was managing editor at Adbusters before writing the novels Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask and Angry Young Spaceman, and runs the indie publishing resource site from his home in Toronto.

His new book about the year 2036, Everyone In Silico, contained so many mentions of corporate brands that he decided to invoice them for product placement. When they failed to respond, he wrote pointed and amusing Past Due letters. He will be reading them aloud at the free and Pay-What-You-Can events in the following cities:

Newburyport, MA (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Wed. Nov. 20, 7pm, The Book Rack (52 State Street)

Providence, RI (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno, Flyboy Action Figure)
Thurs. Nov. 21, 7:30pm, Woodcut (244 Oak St., 4th floor)

Boston, MA (w/ Writers With Drinks)
Fri. Nov. 22, 7pm, The Lizard Lounge (1667 Mass Ave.)

New York City, NY (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Sat. Nov. 23, 7pm, Housing Works (126 Crosby St.)

Scranton, PA (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Sun. Nov. 24, 8pm, AFA Gallery (514 Lackawanna Ave.)

Pittsburgh, PA (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Mon. Nov. 25, 7pm, The Mr. Roboto Project (722 Wood St.)

Cincinnati, OH (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Tues. Nov. 26, 8pm, Sitwell's Coffee House (324 Ludlow Ave.)

Cleveland, OH (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Wed. Nov. 27, 7pm, Mac's Backs (1820 Coventry Rd.)

Chicago, IL (w/ Todd Dills, Joe Meno)
Fri. Nov. 29, 8pm, Quimby's (1854 W North Ave.)

Portland, OR (w/ Andy Healey, Paul Ash)
Sun. Dec. 1, 6pm, Reading Frenzy (921 Southwest Oak Street)

Ashland, OR (w/ Andy Healey)
Mon. Dec. 2, 7pm, Evo's (376 E Main St.)

San Jose, CA (w/ Andy Healey)
Tues. Dec. 3, 7:30pm, Espresso Garden Cafe (814 S. Bascom Ave.)

Los Angeles, CA (w/ Andy Healey, Bradley Williams, Kiyoshi Nakazawa)
Wed. Dec. 4, 8pm, 33 1/3 Bookstore (1200 N. Alvarado Blvd., Echo Park, the corner of Alvarado and Sunset.)

Oakland, CA (w/ Andy Healey)
Thurs. Dec. 5, 7pm, Wordluck (6031 Idaho St.)

San Francisco, CA (w/ Andy Healey)
Fri. Dec. 6, 7:30pm, Modern Times (888 Valencia St.)

Eugene, OR (w/ Andy Healey, David Rees)
Sat. Dec. 7, 7:30, My House (1136 W 5th Ave.)

Seattle, WA (w/ Andy Healey, Greg Hischak)
Sun. Dec. 8, 7pm, Confounded (2235 2nd Ave.)


Todd Dills was reared in Rock Hill, South Carolina, after which point things become a little unclear. Suffice it to say that he is at present residing in Chicago, IL, where he writes and edits THE2NDHAND, a broadside and electronic home to stories told by humans under the mantra: literate apes unite! Indeed. He will be reading, with all the campfire bluster he can muster, from a shiny new collection called For Weeks Above the Umbrella.

Joe Meno is a lucky man living an outer space dream. His novels are Tender as Hellfire and How the Hula Girl Sings. His work has been broadcast on National Public Radio and serialized on He is a three-time winner of the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association award, one gold prize for Best Traditional Fiction, one silver for Best Experimental Fiction. He will be reading from his books without ukelele accompaniment.

Andy Healey does the Vancouver zine I'm Johnny and I Don't Give a Fuck which features handwritten stories of the road and more. Andy has sold thousands of copies of his zine on tour with his punk rock band Submission Hold -- the last one, handwritten but perfect bound, blurred the boundries between book and zine. He will be telling stories from his new zine complete with "what I think of as a poor man's slide show -- shitty pictures drawn on cardboard."

Paul Ash is an absent minded, disassociated, borderline psychotic narcoleptic insomniac who is the editor of sniffy linings press and the author of several odd books. He will be doing a monologue called An Incidental Vacation, brings the writer back to his birthplace of Brooklyn, stumbling around a bit in shady deals, and then back to the sordid safety of his bed. It is part four of his five year, five part monologue series What I Think About When I Go to the Job.

Gregory Hischak is a writer and performer living in Seattle. He is the editor, writer, and stapler of F A R M P U L P the juxtaposing little zine for the tired of standing (since 1990). He has toured extensively with the spoken word troupe WORDCORE and two of his plays, Saying It With Meat and Tail & Ear were given staged readings at last year's Seattle Fringe/ACT Festival of New Works. Hischak wiil read selections from Farm Pulp Number 42 "Colophon" which generally includes sing-alongs, group hugs, and short bursts of whirling.

Everyone In Silico Reviews

Munroe drops in excellent touches — bioterrorists planting seeds, not bombs; home cloning labs — that help make Silico one of the freshest and scariest, yet most hopeful, near-future yarns in a long time. —Time Out
New York

A fresh and amusing take on how technology can be used or
misused in a consumption obsessed society . . . Those who value
deft, witty SF should be well pleased.
— Publishers Weekly

Young Toronto author Munroe proves no less inventive with his third novel than he did with his others … as he projects a future in which a global virtual reality corporation is winning the p.r. battle against those who prefer to live their lives the old way… . The plot dynamics and imaginative leaps are engaging, and the care Munroe takes in examining Frisco as a full-fledged, not unattractive phenomenon also marks this as a story to be taken seriously.
— Kirkus Reviews

Imagine Naomi Klein penning speculative fiction and you're close. Beautifully written, often baffling, at times Munroe's book is downright funny.
— Now Magazine