Dec 052005

So what if I look like Gene Wilder?Lisa Smolkin is a friend who’s responsible for some of the funniest and saddest drawings I’ve seen. Simple graceful lines and watercolour give her illustrations a beautiful and fragile quality, but they’re grounded in her rough-hewn style of zine-making. So when she asked me earlier this year if I wanted to collaborate on something, I was delighted. We ended up making this little piece that you can launch full-sized in its own window or click here for the direct link (you need Flash).

It’ll also be on display tomorrow (Dec. 6, 8pm) at the Toronto launch for Lisa’s Apology Accepted, a book of new drawings being published by 2×4 To The Forehead. It’s at the excellent venue Cinecycle (129 Spadina, down alley) and features the band Pink Leotard and special guests. Free.

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  1. this is exquisite. beautiful, funny and sharp. like swallowing the shards of a shattered stained glass window that features a clown. thank you for making it together.

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