May 082012

I was lucky enough to attend the world premiere of our movie, Ghosts With Shit Jobs, with a sold out crowd in London’s Piccadilly Circus last night. More pics after the jump.

Sci-Fi-London was just an amazing fest for it to have its debut. Here we have programmer Louis Savy introducing the movie with his trademark profane charm. Louis is a real advocate for DIY filmmaking and he and his team have been building a diverse and open-minded science fiction movie audience over the past decade.

Here’s me doing my best to answer the smart questions from the host and the audience.

Even the lobby of the theatre was terrific, a great place to have a drink and chat about the movies.

Thanks to everyone who made it happen! Off to Berlin today for the next screening, and looking forward to our Toronto debut at the end of the month. If you’re not in these towns, there’s still ten days to grab an advance copy for $10 and support our continued theatrical tour.

Thanks to Derek for the pics.

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