Aug 222011

In 2040, jobs suck in a whole new way.

Our new lo-fi sci-fi mockumentary, Ghosts With Shit Jobs, is finally finished! Check out the brand new trailer above or at the official site. Click through for my exec producer/writer/co-director notes.

The idea was to build on the amazing response we got from Infest Wisely, a feature that took six months and $700 to make, and make something where the production values weren’t as distracting.

Two-and-a-half years and $4000 later, we’ve got that with Ghosts With Shit Jobs. (Turns out that extra bit of polish, and the time it takes to find the people who know how to apply that polish, is a non-inconsequential thing.)

And already, even though we’re a way from releasing it, we’ve received some excellent support last week from the Celtx Seeds program which gave us $2000 in funding. We’ll be starting to post portions of the feature-length movie episodically with them in October.

To keep tabs on it you’ll want to check out our oddly foreign-yet-familiar social media buttons at the official site. Poke around… each flavour has a different take on the movie.

  6 Responses to “Ghosts Materializes”

  1. […] lo-fi sci-fi mockumentary, zoals de makers ‘m zelf noemen, werd gemaakt voor 4000 dollar. De hoop is om Ghosts with shit jobs binnenkort als lange film te […]

  2. Awesome! Really looking forward to seeing this. I quite enjoyed ‘Infest Wisely’ regardless of any distracting production values. My one criticism of I.W. is that I might have let it into my brain more quickly and readily if it hadn’t led with the most ‘distracting’ chapter, video-wise. But by the end I was really grooving with the whole scenario. It’s the inventive script that makes this ‘lo-fi’ aesthetic work, so I’m definitely looking forward to what you’ve come up with, this time. (BTW did you coin that phrase ‘lo-fi sci-fi’? I think it’s great.)

  3. That’s a totally fair criticism!

    And no, I didn’t coin lo-fi sci-fi. I think it lodged itself in my brain originally as the name of a collection of shorts presented at an Images Festival a while back.

  4. I was going to ask your permission to use the phrase for my own current project but it seems it’s just an emerging part of the general zeitgeist, or at least that’s what I call things when their provenance is unknown. 8)

  5. Brilliant! (Slapping my forehead with my hand) 😉

  6. […] comics writer, among other things, that likes to take grandiose topics like haunted TTC Stations, North America becoming destitute in a futuristic era, and a post-apocalyptic world after the Christian Rapture and completely twist them upside down and […]

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