Aug 102009

We’re a few weeks away from diving into shooting Ghosts With Shit Jobs, our no-budget faux-doc about Toronto having descended into third world status, and we have a few more holes to fill. Even if you’re not a fit for any of these acting roles, crew, locations, any leads appreciated! And yeah, being a no-budget movie means that no one’s getting paid up front and it’s non-union. Experience appreciated, but often not necessary.

Click through to see the list and Sanford Kong‘s awesome concept art. Get in touch at with any questions/ideas.


  • The Documentarian: An older Asian man, 40+.
  • The restaurant owner: A 30+ Asian man or woman.
  • The down-on-her-luck lady: A 40+ Caucasian woman.
  • The high-flying businesswoman: A 30+ Asian woman.
  • A well-off older gent: A 50+ man.
  • Extras/Backgrounders: If you don’t fit any of these, we’d love to have you as one of the crowd of doodlefaces.

Art Dept./Crew

  • Sound: if you’re available and reliable, we can train you.
  • Lighting: If you like to sculpt with shadows, let us know.
  • Wardrobe: Can you imagine what folks will be wearing in 2040? Know how to customize Value Village finds?
  • Set dec: We have to dress up locations so they look different. Hopefully you have better ideas than “a lot of tin foil”.
  • P.A.s: If you’re willing to be an extra pair of hands for the experience.

We have insurance.

  • a luxury car/limo
  • a bar
  • a doctor’s office
  • a doctor’s waiting room
  • a convenience store
  • a toy store

Get in touch at

  2 Responses to “Help Us Destroy Toronto”

  1. What are your music soundtrack needs? We have a pre-cleared audio archive of Canadian Classic rock and new music ready for licensing.

  2. if u need any extra shots from ireland (or if simple possibly london/amsterdam – we’re shooting there next week) gimmi a buz, got a fully anarchist pro TV/film crew with 2HD cams, sound gear and so on… :]

    (we are everywhere)

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