Mar 052006

Girls don't play videogames.For those of you who’re still in an Oscar mood, Susan and I made this fake movie preview that asks: what if the plucky heroine from Million Dollar Baby was into the Dance Dance Revolution videogame instead of boxing?

This is one of the pieces from my new video series about videogames, Pleasure Circuit Overload. I’m looking for screening possibilities over the next little while so let me know if you know of a good series — I have DVDs I’m sending out. I’ll be posting other new shorts from the series in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Click through to watch the three minute vid.

This video has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence.

  3 Responses to “Million Dollar Gamer”

  1. Ever thought of using to get the word out?

    I’ve given up on cable and just watch videos from there now.

  2. Yep– it’s here on Google. I just wasn’t as happy with the encoding. Thanks for the tip tho!

  3. Whoo, I have four words for you:

    I.. Love… This… Video! A really nice one, and nicely touch the discussion of girls ‘n’ games 🙂

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