Mar 202007

iw-poster-thumb.jpgOur lo-fi sci-fi movie Infest Wisely is in the last stages of post-production and we’re looking at May for the special advance screening here in Toronto, or as I’m calling it, the Infestor’s Meeting. Now we’re gearing up to get it out in the world, and what’s a movie without a wicked movie poster? And as you can see, there’s a spot at the bottom for sponsors — while we made the movie for free, I’d like to have a budget for a DVD pressing and festival fees. I’ve got one on board and am meeting with another on Thursday, but there’s still some room left — drop me a line and I can get you more details.
Infest Wisely Movie Poster

The movie trailer will have its debut as a part of the Public Space Invaders III (Mar. 28th, 8pm at the Drake Hotel, $10).

  4 Responses to “Poster Art and Infestment Opportunity”

  1. Fab poster– just the right creepiness and local references. Right on – scifi.

  2. This film looks more white than a polar bear at the north pole. The Toronto film scene once against demonstrates its unacknowledged white supremacist ways…

  3. Yep, it’s pretty white. I would have also liked to see more women directing. But while we did our best to try to make it more diverse, in the end I decided to work with the resources we had rather than the resources we wished we had. As far as it being a product of the “Toronto film scene”, uh, no. It’s reflective of the whiteness of the indie arts scene.

  4. I stand corrected. :]

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