Jun 202007

Sean Lerner as Digger depicted by posterchildWe posted the fifth episode of Infest Wisely, Sublime Algorithm, yesterday. (It’s the one I directed.) I liked the idea of Digger becoming legendary and people spraypainting his image over the city, and after I saw posterchild’s stencil of Alan Turing I knew I wanted him to make it. This led me to the one ethical conundrum of the whole shoot — using public or quasi-public spaces for shooting didn’t bother me at all, but I didn’t want to use real spraypaint to put up the stencil. If the content of the stencil was somehow political, I would have felt fine about it, but I felt that it wasn’t really meaningful outside of the movie context.

So I looked for another way to get it up there. I thought I was onto something with fake hair colour (and Exile stayed open late so I could buy a few cans) but it was way too watery and completely unusable. Then in a last hour save, Susan suggested the fake snow in a can we had from another project. It worked perfectly.

  4 Responses to “Snowing Digger”

  1. I’m interested to know where the outdoor scenes at the university in the Sublime Algorithm were filmed.

    I think it’s great, definitely going to check out your other work.

  2. Thanks!

    The outdoor and indoor scenes in SA were shot at the University of Toronto, Scarborough campus. The whole movie’s shot in Toronto, Canada, where we live.

  3. learning from liberty city…

  4. […] a Toronto-made, lo-fi sci-fi movie that I made a stencil for. It’s very […]

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