May 292007

Lil’ Red illustrated by Craig MacnaughtonThe second episode of Infest Wisely went up today — Orientated features the infamous bathroom hijacking scene as well as a sales presentation introducing the “little biological helpers” destined to change the world from the inside out. The nanites were too darn cute NOT to put on 1″ buttons, so we made four designs to give to the attendees of the advance screening: click the Lil’ Red button to see Nursey, Muscles, & Officer Friendly.

Kirby Ferguson directed this one and Craig Macnaughton did all the SFX. Having to design a futuristic PowerPoint presentation wasn’t exactly a stretch for him — he’s done it for years at his day job. And I know it’s just a function of the way the animation works, but the way the nanites move exactly in tandem freaks me out in just the right way.

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