May 092023

Thanks to the many super awesome people who sent in #RaccoonsInTheWild pictures of themselves with their covers. While the unique hardcover edition of We Are Raccoons are all sold out, it’s available as a pay-what-you-want ebook now!

Since the novel is about international game pals (like the ones pictured above!) I’m having an ebook launch for it as a part of Toronto Games Week, a series of events I’m helping organize.

There’s over a dozen events between June 1-7th, kicking off with a Dirty Rectangles party, but here’s some highlights below!

FRIDAY JUNE 2, 9-10:30PM
Night Parkcade
Trinity Bellwoods
Pop-up arcade in a park after dark! We’ll be projecting videogames for people to play near to the tennis courts close to the Queen St. W. entrance of Trinity Bellwoods. We’ll start at sundown and go until our batteries run dry! Featuring queer games curated by Sagan Yee and Lee Wilkins. FREE.

Saturnalia talk and Blood & Black Lace screening
Revue Cinema
A talk by Pietro Righi Riva, the Italian director of the survival horror videogame Saturnalia, followed by a screening of a classic of Italian Giallo cinema that influenced its visual style, Blood & Black Lace. Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto and the Sardegna Film Commission Foundation. Hosted by Rue Morgue and Stompbox. Click through for more information and tickets.

“If You Don’t Like the Game, Change the Rules” Comic Launch
Palmerston Public Library Theatre
Join us for a lively conversation about games and work! At the launch of a comic exploring alternative labour modes like co-ops and unions, attendees will read the comic and then participate in a panel discussion with co-op studio workers and union organizers. Hosted by Marie LeBlanc Flanagan (Game Arts International Network) and featuring Pablo F. Quarta (Matajuegos Coop, Argentina), Michael Iantorno (Concordia University), D. Squinkifer (Soft Chaos cooperative, Montreal), Skylar Hinnant (Zenimax, USA), and Daniel Korn (Game Workers Unite Toronto). Supported by CMF.

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