Sep 082008

Emma focuses on the task.Marc Ngui and I have just finished a 22 page comic book adaptation of the workshop and flash animation I made on how to be productive without having, or being, a boss.

Starring Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin, it’s a totally weird animal: part how-to, part polemic, part coming-of-age story, part interview, and Marc’s matched it with his whacked-out imagery and trippy colouring. I’m really excited to see what people think when we launch it next month. Check out more info and the cover after the jump.

In a timeshifted Toronto, political firebrand Emma Goldman is paying the rent as a graphic designer… just a few cubicles down from like-minded radical Mikhail Bakunin.

She’s been sneaking in her own projects at work.

He’s her reluctant manager.

The tension is mounting…

  13 Responses to “The Time Management For Anarchists comic”

  1. So, where can I get this comic? I’ve just been reluctantly promoted to management, and I want to hand it out to everyone who reports to me.

  2. Ha!

    It’s being launched locally in Toronto next month and should be in your local comic store in Dec/Jan. Keep an eye on the blog for other options!

  3. Sounds great, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  4. […] This promises to be deeply useful to many of us, whose lives straddle the divide of anti-work and jobs devoted to ‘productivity.’ Lovely. via BB. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Le Don de Soi-Meme?Nine hurt as Cambodian monk protest turns uglyBuddhist monks clash with police during protest in CambodiaPortugal supporter sent to jail […]

  5. Looks like fun, but the whole Emma-bomb connection has always been a sore subject. I hope to see it at Red Emma’s soon.

  6. I notice it says No.1 up there in the upper left…is this a one-off, or will there be more?

  7. Liam: Not just Emma, but the anarchists-bombs connection is sensitive for sure. I’m hoping to defuse this stereotype by bringing it up as Emma on the cover is defusing the bomb.

    Brian: Time will tell!

  8. […] Management for Anarchists”. So far the collection has three forms: seminar, slideshow, and comic (which you can download from […]

  9. is it possible to buy this online? in time for xmas?

  10. Great work! Loved it!…is there more?

  11. i read it last nite very entertaining and enlightening. i have to admit there were times i didn’t know if you were being straigth or not. my only complaint is that the art seemed a bit amateuish for a $4 comic.

  12. Hey I just picked up the comic yesterday and read it just now. It’s pretty fantastic, thought I’d check out this site. Dig the coloring especially, but the messages are awesome. Everyone in society is made creatively and socially impotent. This is looking to be a truely excellent survival guide in such harsh times! Thanks for a great comic and when should I expect a second issue?

  13. Came across this in Melbourne (Australia) on the weekend, some timely food for thought as I consider another year of trying to balance work, freedom and a sense of “doing something useful” – my partner’s thinking about all this stuff a lot too just now, we both enjoyed it! Another bit of wisdom from the 19thC that might interest people, William Morris’ “Useful Work versus Useless Toil” – more socialist than anarchist but definitely worth your time…

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