Feb 122015

It’s a great time to start watching Haphead, the cyberpunk webseries I wrote/created — we’ve got half the first season online now! Plus, we’re doing a watchalong of the first season this Sunday afternoon — an online collective viewing of the full 72 minutes of season one for people who have (or are willing to) chipped in a couple bucks. Plus a Twitter Q&A at the end! Details below.

Those Bittorrent-lovin’ disruptive culture types VODO are selling the full HD version for download or stream for $4.99 (or make an offer). You can also get the download or stream for the same price on VHX at over here.

Trailer here. We’re getting some pretty sweet responses like this one from Hugo-award winning author Peter Watts:

Haphead is way better than it has any right to be. Little gems of technosocial extrapolation glitter throughout Munroe’s screenplay: upscale malls with perky automated security systems, apologetically refusing entry to consumers with “mixed-income backgrounds”; insurance companies with their own paramilitary SWAT teams to go after false claimants. The plot itself— at first glance a straightforward lefty bit of capitalist-bashing— takes turns you might not expect… Star Elysia White is a real find; whether Max is mourning or raging, pondering some mystery or cracking wise, her performance is spot-on throughout.

Here’s how the watchalong will work! We’re encouraging people to livetweet with the #haphead hashtag during the screening — you’re not in the theatre, keep your phones ON. After the screening you can tweet #haphead questions  — our director, star and writer will be online as well as other cast and crew.

Here’s how we’ll do it!

  • By Sunday, Feb. 15 at 4pm EST, make sure you have access to a stream or a copy downloaded in advance from VODO or VHX — or your Kickstarter Vimeo link if you are a backer. If you think you’ll be livetweeting, you might want to give your followers a heads-up that they might want to mute you for the next two hours.
  • Watch @haphead for the official “Hit Play!” tweet around 4:10pm EST on Sunday, Feb. 15 EST.
  • Watch and livetweet as much as you can with the #haphead hashtag! The 3 highest quality (not quantity) tweeters will get prizes!
  • Around 5:20pm EST the q&a will begin & probably go for 20-30 minutes. Tweet your questions with the #haphead hashtag as that’s what we’ll be watching, and then we’ll tweet back.

If I’m not on Twitter, can I participate?
Absolutely! We respect your non-compliance. Just go to https://twitter.com/hashtag/haphead?f=realtime if you’d like to watch the tweets. You can also email us questions at the q&a at info@haphead.com.

I’ve already watched it all!
Awesome! You could watch ‘n’ tweet it anyway just because it’s fun — but no spoilers pls! — or you might want to jump in for the q&a at the end, or email info@haphead.com with questions beforehand since you’ve seen it.

Watchalong advice and tips provided by Carol from theculturalgutter.com and #driveinmob !

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