Oct 042005

Click to enlarge.I knew it was going to be a good visit when Dmytri gave me a gift when we arrived. It was a patch with the No Media Kings logo that he’d bought off some local punk girls at a flea market in Berlin.

It’s always a kick to see people steal my logo, but this really floored me.

And the show in Berlin was indeed really fun…

The enthusiastic crowd hung out at the East of Eden bookstore for a few hours afterwards and then brought us to a dance night called the Black Girls’ Coalition at the squat around the corner. Danced out and drunk we stumbled home, stopping to eat some kind of delicious spicy zucchini-based nightfood.

All this after our amazing host and show organizer Dmytri had shown us the incredible array of mindblowing art spaces in the city. Hacker collective in the old pneumatic tubes headquarters? Beautiful decaying relics left to video artists? The mind reels. Berlin has been upgraded from my favourite city in Europe to my favourite city in the world.

The Clerkenwell Theatre was a great venue, attached to an old church in the heart of London. They did really inspiring things with lighting and curtains! Craig Taylor’s harrowing tale of potato-foretold child-murder was warmly received, and I got to really spread out my duct-taped pentagram. We headed over to a place called the Cafe Kick afterwards for some foosball and dramatically mixed cocktails.

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